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Are you not Entertained?

Selling a home does not need to be a stressful and chaotic experience, in fact it can actually be fun and still provide better results than the traditional model. Most real estate transactions have a palpable and chaotic stress level filled with uncertainty, angst and roughly 9 different parties involved all with different agendas. Sound…Read More→

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The increasing importance of finding a Buyer that fits the SOUL of your home

I remember many years ago when my parents Sold a 1987 Isuzu Rodeo.  The car was really amazing, my mom drove it daily for 12 years, I drove it to high school, we took it up and down the East Coast on vacations.  It dropped off my brother and sister at their respective universities some…Read More→

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Can Single Family Homes with rentable basements be the Next Big DC Investment?

The Washington DC multi-family market has been saturated with investment for the last 12 years.  At this point, most MF product never makes it to the public marketplace, instead these assets are channeled through off-market offerings that large commercial brokerages corner and display to their network of investors.  If the MF product does make it…Read More→

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