Explore is a high-end
sales company.

We have made a conscientious decision to avoid becoming a volume based Brokerage and are confident this will allow us to integrate our unique service platform to select clients and provide the best sales experience possible.

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Kara is a Florida State University alumnus with a voracious appetite for personal and professional growth, fed by a habit of reading two books per month and a constant supply of podcasts. Kara is constantly pushing the envelope to achieve better results for both herself and for those around her (especially her clients). She is...Read More

Phoebe is a George Washington University alumnus with degrees in psychology and studio art (pretty much the perfect combination for real estate sales, in our opinion). Her passions (outside of real estate) include interior design, art, cars, and cooking. Immediately after university she worked as a sales professional for Tesla before transitioning into the world of...Read More