Explore to Introduce a New Way of Viewing Real Estate

For years the real estate industry has listed a property for sale in the same generic format. Often a home will be shown through a series of 30 photos, some professional, some not, and in almost all cases they are very stagnant and uninformative.

Explore to Launch a New Approach for Buyers to View Listings

Explore is preparing to launch a new approach for buyers to view listings. We are very excited to offer Buyers the chance to view product through 3-D renderings, equipped with room by room floor plans and rollover technology allowing them to navigate a room with a laptop, as if they were standing in its center.

Our time is valuable, and so is yours. Buyers can rule out properties that they would not be interested when the photos are more informative and the online viewing experience more robust. It truly allows both the Buyer’s Agents, and Buyers, to zone in on the property and amenities that make sense for them. Thus, reducing time spent on locations in which they would walk in and right back out of due to the functionality issues that were not transparent online.

This technology also benefits overseas buyers, or those who are not local.  Not only can they essentially pull the roof off a home and have a birds eye view of its layout, but they can better understand the dimensions, and visualize the space in a much more educational way.  In addition, Explore will offer neighborhood profiles to assist in helping the Buyer determine if the characteristics of the surrounding area are compatible with their needs.

The industry is starting to make strides in this direction and Explore will lead the way.  We are only a few years away from a Buyers being able to virtually eliminate most homes online and visit a home merely to validate what it saw onsite. The technology will be that good and more cost-effective for real estate companies to deploy.