The Explore Experience

The Explore Experience is centered around bringing a property to life through its story, character and spirit to make a more deeply rooted connection between Buyer and Seller.

Explore is a boutique family owned real estate sales agency that focuses on high-end sales listings.  Whereas we do offer all the traditional advertising channels we take pride in re-imagining the process to help the Buyer visualize themselves in the home for years to come.

Imagine a standard Open House, a buyer arrives, walks through a staged home, takes a brochure and exits to the next home.  With Explore, we took aim at a new way.

Now imagine the Buyer walks in and is greeted with wine tastings from a local merchant down the street, grabs food along the way from a local BBQ favorite,  reads about new businesses and developments entering the local neighborhood, previews the story of the home, walks out to the backyard to grilling and live music and leaves with a mason jar of snacks and a label dating when they visited.

That buyer has made a deeper emotional connection to the home and can better visualize themselves building memories for years to come.

This is just one example of how we approach real estate sales and we hope you give us an opportunity to share more.  The Explore Experience has arrived,


Joseph Rieling