Are you not Entertained?

Selling a home does not need to be a stressful and chaotic experience, in fact it can actually be fun and still provide better results than the traditional model.

Most real estate transactions have a palpable and chaotic stress level filled with uncertainty, angst and roughly 9 different parties involved all with different agendas. Sound familiar?

It is not a surprise most homeowners view selling a party as a tiresome endeavor that will occupy their lives for 4 months and cause them to age at an accelerated pace.

My name is Joseph Rieling, Co-founder of Nomadic Real Estate with my brother Ben and Principal Broker of our new company Explore, a Washington DC based Real Estate sales company looking to change the real estate sales experience.   So far, our fresh and innovative platform is producing robust results and most importantly, enriching the experiences of both Buyers and Sellers.

The video below shows how we look to capture the character and spirit of the home and community and connect with buyers in an entirely different way.  We focus on Open House events where we involve pillars of the community (your favorite café, wine tasting shop, craft beer store, local eateries and more) and have stations setup throughout the home allowing Buyers to experience the neighborhood and make a deeper emotional connection.

It is not uncommon for Buyers to stay 2 hours at one of our events, they eat, they drink and they engage with us in a relaxed setting.  It is intended to be the exact opposite of the agent standing at the front door or walking behind them in every room making it harder for them to soak in the home’s value.

The results have been amazing, on average our homes are selling within 3 days for 6% above asking. It is incredible the difference made when Buyers can connect to a home and community far differently than they did at their previous 6 stops.  We also tell the homes story and have value add notes throughout and the impact for the Buyer is simple: I want to re-create this experience every weekend with friends and family.

The best part is it’s fun. We have homeowners, local vendors, neighbors and of course buyers all mingling and telling stories of the home and community.  This is what real estate can and should be, it doesn’t have to be a stifling transaction, we are offering a new real estate sales experience, we hope you give us a chance.